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Public Safety

Police Drones


Drones are becoming critical tools for law enforcement agencies, enabling greater safety, quicker response times and improved decisions.

  • Deploy to rapidly arrive on scene and gain immediate aerial insights.

  • Hover above unfolding missions and live stream updates directly to command centres.

  • Synchronise teams, eliminate uncertainty and allow decisions to be made with confidence.


Drone technology arms firefighters with aerial insight; providing rapid and efficient information to support firefighters when making informed decisions to maximise safety.

  • Fly over buildings and obstacles and see through smoke with thermal cameras to help prioritise targets

  • Stream live video intelligence back to command centres to align teams and eliminate uncertainty

  • Leverage high-resolution cameras to remotely monitor remaining threats and document damage for future analysis

Drones for Fire


Emergency responders can identify targets and deploy care faster, thanks to the overhead guidance drones can provide.

  • Scan wide areas and identify threats to victims and responders with high-resolution aerial imagery

  • Elevate responders' perspective and bring search and rescue to new levels of efficiency

  • At night, or in low-light conditions, use of leverage thermal sensors to locate missing persons, who may otherwise be missed

Drones for Search and Rescue
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