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Drone Inspection

North East Drone Pilots - INFRATEC’S Remote Pilots have been flying Drones for over 5 years delivering drone data to clients across the UK using rotary wing and fixed wing drones.


What we do – INFRATEC Drone provides a service to deliver drone data to its clients in the form of 3D Models, Digital Twin, Mapping & Surveying, Aerial Photography and Videography. INFRATEC Drones has also been awarded as a RAE by the CAA meaning not only can we deliver excellent drone data but we also have the ability to deliver the A2 CofC and GVC qualifications on behalf of the CAA, meaning we are always up to date with the current legislation for legal flying. 


Who benefits from these services? – Many industries are benefitting from INFRATEC Drone Services from Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Property, Security to Media.

INFRATEC Drone Services employs a team of remote pilots to conduct its services along with sub-contractor remote pilots who are qualified with a minimum of a GVC qualification. Want to join the team? Click here to view our career page


What drones do INFRATEC Drone Services use? – INFRATEC Drone Services has varied range of aircraft, our largest aircraft is the DJI Matrice 300 RTK with H20T camera and our smallest is the DJI Mavic Mini drone, (this has its uses). INFRATEC Drones operates with an operational authorisation granted by the CAA to fly rotary wing-aircraft and fixed-wing aircraft.




Simplify the management of complex projects with regular maps of your site

Image by Scott Blake

Wind & Energy

Visualise remote assets in real-time to improve decisions and safety

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Confined Space Inspections

Remote camera examination services for confined asset inspections

Read More
Image by Hamza Madrid

Drone Solar Inspection

Drones typically reduce costs up to 50%, speed up the inspection time and improve heath & safety

drone thermal inspection


Elevate your video content with the addition of drone video and imagery

The Mighty Redcar_edited.jpg

Oil & Gas

Safely inspect and manage equipment and infrastructure 

Oil & Gas

Drone Roof Inspection

Drone roof inspections. Using photography, videography and thermal cameras

Drone thermal image

Inspection at Height

Drone inspection at height, improve health and safety

Inspection at height

Surveying & Mapping

Drone surveying & mapping to create point clouds, orthimosaics and digital twins

House Development





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